Yakuza Love Has Its Risks! | Arrested Love Part 1 Review

arrested love vol 1

Yazkuza boss Todoroki has a conflict of interest – he’s in love with a crime investigator trying to arrest him!

Taken from Irodori:

 Arrested Love is a hilarious rom-com between two unsuspecting prisoners of love as they navigate their way through the stakeouts and sting operations of a love you would’ve least expected!

Arrested Love is a series of short stories reflecting the struggles of Yakuza Boss Todoroki and his unwavering love for the crime investgator on his tail, Arigaya. While I am a sucker for a good Yakuza love story, I would love to know more about how (and why) Arigaya came into crime investigation, but maybe I’m just a back story kind of person. We learn early on in the first chapter, she was always grouped with delinquents because of her incessant RBF in high school, which is also where she first meets Todoroki giving out Halloween candy. I know, a Yakuza boss giving out candy to high schoolers automatically seems sketchy, but works work I guess. As the story progresses, we find Arigaya about to arrest Todoroki. In his final moments, he declares his love for her only to flee in the process.

This light-hearted doujin reminds me of manga like Sakamoto Days and Way of the Househusband. You get the gritty like and times of crime lords and still get the quirky love stories on the side. I’m sure stories like these are not far and few in between, but they are always gems when you find good ones.

This is my second Irodori comics review (you can read the first one here!), and I can honestly say I have enjoyed the quality of both stories. The best part of the story is the internal dialogue of both characters that show just how far gone both of them are in love with each other but just don’t have the courage or confidence to say it out loud.

If you’re in the mood for a short light-hearted enemies-to-lovers trope and love a good Yakuza story I recommend you add this to your library!

You can buy the digital short story Arrested Love, Volume 1 on the Irodori site!


Story & Art: Seiku Natsumegu

Translated: Ed Ayes

Lettering: Tim Sun

Compiled & Formatted: CC Su

QA: On Takahashi & Zhuchka


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