Sakamoto days: manga review

Story & Art Yuuto Suzuki | Translation Camellia Nieh | Lettering Eve Grandt

If you’re wondering what would happen if Tatsu, The Yakuza Dragon, never stopped fighting; this is the clean version.

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Leapers: a review

Leapers: Story & Art Isaki Uta | Translated Ed Ayes | Lettering Tim Sun

Peace and blessings!  

Irodori Comics has given us a free review copy of Isaki Uta’s Leaper, a one-shot doujinshi that has been years in the making. For those who don’t know, doujinshi isn’t the racy comics that some might think of. They are self-published works that can be the main source of income for manga artists who completely fund the work themselves.

Being a small publisher themselves, Irodori collaborates with those artists and helps in localizing and minimizing costs for the mangaka (manga artists) while also giving them a more worldwide reach outside of Japan. The reason doujinshi can be so expensive is that the mangaka is doing all the work, so those sales go right back into their pocket, but the content inside is completely worth it. They are able to expand and do so much more without the restricting eyes of big publishing companies.

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