About The Crew

Our Mission:
Religiously Nerdy is determined to identify spirituality in anime, manga, and pop culture. Our goal is to further build this community through exciting conversations via our blog and podcasts.

Elizabeth (Ellie)

Elizabeth Howie (she/her/hers) is an obsessive anime and manga lover. Currently in school for her BA in English to be an editor. On her off days, she enjoys staying home and binge-watching anime and Korean dramas, gaming, listening to KPOP, and reading manga and both nonfiction and fiction novels. Elizabeth is a proud Muslim. She is also tired of balancing faith, being Black, and being a nerd. You can find her on IG @themuslimblerd.


Toyin Yusuf (she/her/hers) is a full-time nerd. At work she’s a software engineer in aerospace; at home she is a digital artist that geeks out on all things animation, manga, and comics. Toyin enjoys cosplaying, attending cons, video games, reading fantasy novels, and expanding her pop culture knowledge. She is in fact a Muslim and a nerd. Follow her on Instagram @imtoying for cosplay and @artbytoyin for art!


Tobi Yusuf (she/her/hers) is also a full time nerd. She aspires to be a doctor one day, and is also a huge weeb, marvel fan, cosplayer, bookworm, casual gamer, and a visual novel coder. Her Islamic faith is also very important to her and she wants to see more Islamic representation, especially black Muslims, in the media.