This is what Muslim representation looks like

This may actually be the female empowered version of Ramy from across the waters – minus the identity crisis.

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Love from A to Z: Book Review

A review by Tobi Yusuf

I first came across this book on social media when it came out last year, and I immediately thought that this book may be victim to having negative Islamic tropes in literature. I hate reading about the same thing in muslim stories, whichinvolve hijabis taking their hijab off for a white boy, muslim women leaving their religion, and many others that highlight the dislike of Islam. Although these stories are important and have a place, there should be room for other types of Muslim experiences and representation in the media. I put this book on hold until I saw it recently  when my library reopened and I decided to give it a try; I loved it.

This book is a marvel.

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