Inside the Industry: Anime NYC Panel

So, you want to get into the anime/manga industry and don’t know where to start? This panel provided some key points for beginners to get into the industry. While it was mostly a Q & A, a lot of the general info was good for beginners like ourselves who want to branch out. At least that was my intention behind going, to learn more about diving into the anime and manga industry as a potential editor in the future (God willing of course). There were plenty of budding artists who got the opportunity to hear the artist point of view from art school drop outs and those who completed art school – the over all consensus was you don’t need art school, but it’s up to the artist.

The main points provided were to study the business, know the language (Japanese), and have yourself covered when it comes to your property and financials. All of that may sound daunting (because it can be), but you must be passionate about your work and never give up. For manga lovers, it was said that the wider your range, the easier it’ll be for you to get a foot into the industry.

Amongst all the questions asked, my favorite asked was “what does the industry need more of?” A question that everyone would answer differently – but it reflected a question that someone had asked prior, “is there a place for people like me in the industry?” The answers varied, but all spoke fairly of the industry at large. One panelist stating the industry needs more innovation on the business side, which I’m sure we are all aware of in some regard. Another said there was no change as manga sales are more than fiction sales at Barnes & Nobles. The most important answer to me was there needed to be more acceptance of non-Japanese manga.

What do you think the industry needs more of?


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