Fena: Pirate Princess EP 1 – Escape

It has been some time since I had sat and watched an anime to completion, so when I pulled up Crunchyroll I was welcomed with the fall lineup and new anime, I’d never heard of.


After reacclimating myself to the Fall lineup that I read from the wonderful Beneath the Tangles, I was ready to dive in. That’s when I noticed Fena: Pirate Princess at a ripe 7 episodes, and was already getting amazing reviews from ANN and CBR. An 18th-century story about a pirate princess who is already showing her cunning, personality, and willpower to remove herself from an unflattering situation of washing up on an island to later being married off in a town filled with, well as she describes them as “sleazeballs”. Her only goal is to get to a place called Eden, from what I assume is her father in his last moments.

After coming up with a daring plan of escape, she prepares herself to be married off to her suitor only to find her plans falling short of a last-minute change. It’s then that two guards from her childhood rush in and rescue her in a whirlwind of hijinks from getting lost and attempting to risk their lives to protect their dear princess. In the background, there seems to also be another group interested in the princess’ freedom as these masked vigilantes help in protecting the trio from a distance.

I will say the visuals are stunning here. I am a person who holds the background near and dear to my heart and the details really are beautiful. However, the visuals come second to the amazing soundtrack laced so eloquently throughout this episode. The story, visuals, and art combined make the show something I would continue to watch and not drop after a few episodes. I’m excited to see the shenanigans the trio of princess and guard get into in their plight to escape. To catch up there will be a lot of binging!

Watch Fena: Pirate Princess on Crunchyroll!


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