Muslim Content Creator Panel: What We Learned

Creating content isn’t easy.

It’s draining. There are days when you’re mentally out of it, and days when you have so much going on in your head you have no idea what to start first. For those starting out, like us, this was a big deal. 

We are Muslims. Three Black Muslim Women, in a space that already doesn’t appreciate us separately, so we do it unapologetically united. While everyone wants their content to touch everyone, we want it to relate to us. We want to find people like us.

For the hijabi who only sees cosplayers like her on Tik Tok.

For the Muslims who’s Muslim friends and family don’t get their hobbies and passions.

For the practicing Muslims who want to hit every con, and still want to make salah between panels.

With those intentions being laid down, we know there everyone likes a bit of everything. So do we. We love sci-fi, anime, manga, animation, poetry, and everything that falls in-between. But how do we fine-tune that? Like every creator, you have to go big or go home. You’re putting your work out there for someone, and your name is on it.

Last weekend, we attended a Black Muslim Content Creator panel with some wonderful people. Inspiring writers like Najma Sharif and podcast co-hosts from Young and Muslim gave us tips that every creator knows about. How to be successful, stay consistent, and know that you WILL be taking major L’s- so get out of your comfort zone. 

Your goals are your own. While we love our audience, we may not cater to everyone, and that’s okay. That’s what boundaries are for. That’s why we ignore the harsh critic in our heads along with the harsh audience expectations because there is always someone rooting for you. 

Keep your authenticity and never sell out, even if it’s your dream. As Muslims, we follow the deen of Islam.

Capitalism is not our religion. 

Najma Sharif

We are not a monolith. This is not the place where you will hear us talking about what is right and wrong in the religion of Islam. We are not scholars. We are simply nerds who love pop-culture. 

“The regular Muslim voice is more needed than the scholars… No one knows who Muslims are, because no one lets them speak.”

Young and Muslim

We aim to be the voice of the average Muslim.


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