Who is Religiously Nerdy?

“What happened to you being consistent?!”

You have every right to ask such a question. The truth is, there have been a lot more moving pieces. A lot more growth. Quarantine has been a time where people have been healing and getting in tuned with their creative side. Fine tuning those projects and fulfilling their dreams with the time that they have at home.

I have had this blog for almost a year now on top of juggling a death, sick family members, relocation; it took a pandemic for this vision to be seen clearly.

During this time, I was able to meet other Muslims like myself who fell into the folds of “nerd-dom” and interact with them in ways I never thought possible. So, we joined together to make and fully re-brand what Religiously Nerdy is, and who we are here for.

Who’s We?

This blog started off with just one person – me. It wasn’t possible to deal with it and I let it drop while I dealt with things, but now there is a team! You can learn more about us here.

We as Black Muslim women are proud of our passions and hobbies just as much as we are of our education and careers. Our goal is to see ourselves represented as a whole, not individually, and to uplift and collaborate with those like us.

That does not in any way exclude those who do not look like us. We only aspire to take our love for our religion and find it in our favorite past times (and to just simply enjoy seeing ourselves be represented).

With this team, we have so much in motion for the future of Religiously Nerdy so that it does not die down like other Muslim nerd sites. Our intention is to keep up the momentum and place a spotlight for those in communities where it is easy to seem like the outcast.

We welcome you to stay, read, and play with us!

In the language of love, we say wholly, peace be upon all of you.


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