Ellie Watches Sailor Moon Crystal

Usagi – Sailor Moon Crystal

It is safe to say that up until this moment, I have never watched Sailor Moon.

In fact, if I did it would have been during my childhood, but I barely remember watching it (I did have the wand at one point). But after listening to the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. 

While I only watched the first two episodes (Usagi & Ami), I already know the characters will be relatable to me even on a small basic scale. Two notable quotes from the first two episodes hit me a little harder than they should, but it was relatable!

Usagi – Sailor Moon Crystal

“Why does morning have to be so early” – Usagi

That’s really what it comes down to, how relatable these girls are. How they are still their soft, sensitive selves working through their day to day and fighting crime at the same time. Usagi’s power is technically crying; which compared to other shonen protags, yeah,she cries a LOT. The difference is, that’s her power. Her not wanting to be there (from the first two episodes) are a mood and a lifesaver.

Your fave crying is NOT solving any problems.

“”Douse yourself in water and repent!” – Sailor Mercury

 Ami’s power being her intellect is so beautiful because it’s the one thing she was made fun of for. Now she uses her intellect and the accompanying ice and water to be the logistics of the Sailor squad. That is the reality for a lot of people now. Having their talents be undermined or not fully appreciated for what they are, to being used for something life changing – whether it’s their lives or someone else’s. 

Whatever their shortcomings, they are able to use that to fight crime and together they get through life with their friendship.I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but Usagi’s friendship with Ami ended up being so pure and I only want to see more of that wholesome content. Despite how she initially wanted to befriend her to improve her grades, she didn’t just dive in and ask her, which is what I’m sure would be obvious. Instead, she invites her to the arcale. She hangs out with her, uplifts her, and supports her the entire second part of the episode. Usagi continues to do this, and from what we see she hasn’t asked, and that part isn’t really important. It’s the respect shown and the genuine desire to be someone’s friend. 

It’s compassion. 

The fact that I can say so much about just the first two episodes is amazing to me and I cannot wait to continue watching such a heart-warming show.

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