Remembering Loneliness with I Am Here!

Hello again!

I have officially settled down for the most part and will be back on writing routinely. A schedule will be posted soon enough!

Currently on Twitter there is a #25Daysof Manga that I am taking part of to the upcoming days of Christmas. While, I don’t celebrate the holiday, I would never pass up the opportunity to read manga and increase my horizons.

A fellow co-worker recommended (and brought) Koko ni Iru yo! (I Am Here!) by Ema Tōyama. This story, while I’m only a few chapters in, brings back vivid emotions of loneliness in grade school. Not necessarily being in the “in-crowd”, but just being seen at all. The memories were almost bittersweet and caused me to be nearly remiss for the time.

Being invisible. Not recognized. Alone, save the friendly warmth of the digital huge I would get from friends on the internet. The story changed when one “popular” boy notices our sweet protag, and announces he has always seen her. That last part was lacking in my real life sob story, but a refreshing story to say the least.

Koko ni Iru yo! only adds to my favorite Kodansha titles on my bookshelf. If you’re ever in the mood for some sad nostalgia, I recommend grabbing this!


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