Top 4 Iconic Female K-Pop Groups Of This Decade [ Archive ]

I have been posting quite a few of my archived posts from other sites, but this post as well as its counterpart for Top Iconic Male K-Pop Groups, deserve praise especially moving forward into a new decade!

K-Pop has an ever-growing fan base and have been giving us amazing groups and hits since the early 2000s.

We all have our top favorite that we listen to now—but we have to show our respects to our leading ladies that have been holding down the game for the past decade. I have only met a handful of K-pop stans personally, but online I know we let it show. If you would like to read more about the struggles of being a K-pop fan of color, check out this article about the Quiet Bravery Of Black Kpop Fans!

This list is in no particular order, all these ladies are amazing and work hard in their own way. They have faced the same amount of backlash and had the same success and all these women deserve a place on the throne of this genre for their talent, hard work and diversity in the industry.

1. BoA

BoA is hands down the queen of K-pop. Starting at age 13, she has only progressed forward and expanded in her talents. Not just a singer/songwriter, she is an actress, a producer, a mentor, a dancer and probably a thousand more talents she hasn’t shown the world. Even with a hiatus, she comes back with hits that stay on our playlists for years – “Eat You Up” especially when you’re trying to get that workout in.

2. 2NE1

Bom, Minzy, CL, and Dara held it down until 2016 when they disbanded. Most K-pop fans now know at least one (if not all) of their songs based on how popular they were. They gave us the best of what SMTown had and released album after album of hits.

3. 4Minute

Every group is known for their style, but 4M had their own brand of cute when it came to their appeal and their music. They increased their fierceness when they released “Crazy” by reinventing themselves and showing their mature side. Even with the members branching out to do solo projects, it never took away from the group as a whole. They showed true commitment and friendship even down to the end.

4. Girl’s Generation (SNSD)

These queens have given us 10 years of absolute bliss. In their recent debut, they make it clear that everyone in this group has a strong suit and they stand out with it and we are here. for. it. Each video and performance we get from these ladies we get a never ending awe-inspiring assortment of feelings from their outfits, their choreography and their talent. Every version of SNSD has a song take away and a message to be relayed as we hear in “The Boys” :

We’re born to win 
Better tell all your friends 
‘Cause we get it in 
You know the girls

There are plenty more leading ladies of K-pop that can be mentioned, as these are only a few. Going back over the years, these ladies have stood out greatly. Regardless of hiatus or disbandment, these ladies came to win, and they are an inspiration for groups to come!


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