[REVIEW] Why You Should Be Watching Black Girl In A Big Dress (Spoiler-Free) [ Archive ]

As unsettling as it is, Facebook knows how to recommend a show based off your interests.

Last year as I was mindlessly scrolling through my feed, I came across a Facebook Watch Ad for Black Girl in a Big Dress and I binged watched the entire first season in one sitting, shamelessly. Once I got to the end, I was ready to hit another episode when I realized there hadn’t been an update in months.

Devastated, I liked the page with high hopes that this gem would not be forgotten among never-ending list of “liked” groups.  On August 21, they were not forgotten and they stood on the forefront of my page announcing production for Season Two.

If you don’t know what the show is, let me shed some light upon you:

A Black girl in a Victorian world.

Our beloved protagonist, Adrienne, is a Black Victorian cosplayer – and die hard at that. Her entire life revolves around the beauty and splendor of the Victorian era and it’s hard to tell the difference between real life and her life as Lady Kate.

For all the serious cosplayers out there, you really have to get into character, and her transformation into Lady Kate is something to applaud.

Black Girl In A Big Dress destroys stereotypes.

Adrienne reflects about upbringing briefly in the first episode, never bringing up her race until her roommate very informatively informs her that her cosplaying Victorian era is weird not because she’s southern, but because she’s Black. In her search for love, she finds she doesn’t need to change what she likes or who she is to find someone.

While I found this gem on Facebook, the show does have a YouTube dedicated to she show with special behind the scenes clips.

This show goes completely against what modern day beliefs are held against Black women.

You don’t need to change your hobbies or your passion. You can be successful and still find joy in what you do and still be completely awkward.


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