Spirituality in Fandoms with Ali Hussain

In this episode we talk about spirituality in fandoms with Ali Hussain!
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3 Muslim Nerds – New Episode

New Year, new anime!Branching from our previous episode, we’re talking about our favorite anime to watch!   Want to read more manga? We got you covered. Want to learn more about Ali Hussein’s courses? -> https://www.eventbrite.com/o/nostalgic-remembrance-art-in-memoirs-20053583288Our blog -> https://religiouslynerdy.wordpress.com/Our FB -> https://www.facebook.com/religiouslynerdyTwitter -> https://twitter.com/3muslimnerds Available wherever you listen to podcasts! https://anchor.fm/3muslimnerds/episodes/Our-Anime-Favorites-epcpf7