Talking Dune with Margari Hill

In this episode we speak with Margari Hill the co-founder and Executive Director of Muslim Arc about Islamic influences in Frank Herbert’s Dune. We also talk about Anime, sci fi, and other geeky things!

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Muslim Representation in the Media

In this episode we talk about Muslim representation we see in television!

This is a recording of our practice run of our Panel at Virtuous Con (! When released by Virtuous Con, we will share the video recording of the panel; which include the slides we presented and our reactions to comments from the audience.

Panel Description:

In this panel, the members of Religiously Nerdy share their excitement and love for nerd culture and finding the hidden pieces of ourselves within the characters. They also discuss the emergence of more Muslim characters in some of our favorite shows and anime, such as Ms. Marvel, Castlevania, We Are Lady Parts, The Walking Dead, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

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