Muslim Representation in the Media

In this episode we talk about Muslim representation we see in television! This is a recording of our practice run of our Panel at Virtuous Con (! When released by Virtuous Con, we will share the video recording of the panel; which include the slides we presented and our reactions to comments from the audience.…

We’re Back At Virtuous Con!

This is a Black Women lead VIRUAL Con about science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture. This is an awesome convention with amazing guests, and a virtual show floor; and I hope you register! Tobi and I will be having a discussion on Muslim Representation in Media! Our panel will be Sunday 2/26 at 2pm…

Winter Anime First Impressions

Happy New Year! In this episode we talk about out goals for the year the Winter 2023 anime we’re watching! This podcast is sponsored by MuslimARC, visit their website Follow us on Instagram @religiouslynerdy and on twitter @3muslimnerds

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