The Safe Way to Reading Manga

The best way to read manga these days is online, especially if you can not afford to go get the hard copy. Fortunately for us, we are in the age of technology, so we can read anything at the tip of our fingers! Unfortunately, there are a lot of sites on the internet that have some of our favorite manga’s from big name publishers to doujinshi’s without giving the mangaka’s due credit or payment. There are plenty of sites and blogs detailing the different places you can go, this is not a supplement to those, but I would recommend this one.

When I’m reading manga, I take in quite a few things into consideration; the characters and their development, the art style, the dialogue. Everyone has their own way to identify how they read manga, or how they enjoy it, but it causes a deep appreciation to the mangaka. It becomes more than a producer/consumer relationship. You become attached to these characters and you enjoy their development – you cry with them, laugh with them. So why not support the person creating this reality for you?

I think of this as “art appreciation” from the perspective of a manga loving hijabi psychologist in training. A series of one shot topics addressing the unspoken bond between reader and creator.


6 thoughts on “The Safe Way to Reading Manga

    1. Absolutely! There are plenty other site recs that I know of, but that has a huge list of all of them. We don’t use scanlations round these parts!


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